SBL02 Bluetooth Glasses transmitter covert communication system

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Our Bluetooth glasses and hidden earbud kit is an newly developed covert communication tool. The Kit contains all equipment which you need. The improved Bluetooth eyewear and the spy earbud you can use with all mobiles which support bluetooth. Over the build in microphone in the glasses and the wireless micro earpiece you are able to make a two-way covert communication.

High Tech Bluetooth eyewear transmitter

Bluetooth glasses is an newly developed wireless transmitter for covert earbud users who interested in invisible communications and advantages of Bluetooth technology. The genuine design guarantees no one will uncover it as a hidden communication device. The Bluetooth glasses is compatible with mobiles, computers, cordless phones and all other equipment which supports bluetooth connection. Features like excellent two-way transmission of audio signals, integrated microphone, a large battery capacity and two years warranty.

The functioning of the Bluetooth glasses and spy covert earphone:

I. Please make sure the bluetooth eyewear has full power and take a new battery for the earpiece.

II. Connect the glasses over bluetooth with your mobile phone.

III. While wearing the earpiece inside your ear canal you can start the communication with a call.

More informations you will find in user's manual.


Choice the right spy headphone

Covert spy earpiece is a micro inductive receiver small enough for wearing in the ear canal. Compatible by any kind of wireless inductive transmitters like SBL02 Bluetooth eyewear. A tiny transparent thread allows you the save removal. The spy earpiece automatically receive signals from the transmission Bluetooth glasses. Depends on your needs you can choose one of the invisible earphones. The model SE02 skin earphone is mostly used and works stable. Model SE01 black earphone is cheaper one - not for professional use. Model SE03 spy earpiece is the smallest one and louder volume.

Bluetooth eyewear and invisible earpiece is ideal for:

Business meetings & proceedings
Real time communication with your partner
Secretly communication with your team.
Media & training appearances
Athletes, actors, magicians, tv or radio reporter, musicians
Detective and surveillance
Ultimate covert communication

SBL03 bluetooth transmitter package includes: 

1 x Spy bluetooth eyewear
1 x AC power adapter (EU or US)
1 x USB recharge cable
1 x White color case

1 x Covert micro earpiece SE02 (you can also choose other models)
2 x Batteries for micro earpiece (you can also order more)
1 x Small brush and holl out tool for the battery
1 x User manual in English or German
Download Manual Download user's manual of SBL02 wireless bluetooth transmitter

Why buy Bluetooth glasses and invisible spy earphone from Spystudy We are exclusive distributer of Micro Earpiece - Nr.1 in Germany. Fast and friendly service. Live chat and skype available. DHL or UPS express delivery if required. 


SE01 – Mini black earpiece

Completely invisible in ear canal. Economic price. Applicable to all of inductive transmitters.

Completly invisible when in ear canal
Wireless receiver drove by all inductive transmitters
Most economical invisible earpiece
Powered by tiny #337/#416 button battery
5-6 hours battery life support
Earpiece size: 13x7x6mm                                                    
more information...                                                                              

SE02 – Invisible Micro ear black or skin

Most populer invisible earpiece. Cleare audio output with 2 colors ends. Applicable to all of inductive transmitters.


Skin and black colors option
Completly invisible when in ear canal
Wireless receiver drove by all inductive transmitters
Clear voice output with high quality mini speaker
Most populer covert earpiece
Powered by tiny #337/#416 button battery                             
5-6 hours battery life support
Earpiece size: 13x8mm / 0,5g
more information...

SE03 – Spy Nano earpiece - black or skin

The smallest hidden earphone in the world - 9x6x6mm. Pair with all induction transmitters.


Smallest size with loud sound and clear voice
Skin and black colors, completely invisible deeply into ear canal
Semi-circle tail enhanced covert function
Sensitive wireless receiver with clearer voice
Powered by tiny #337/#416 button battery
5-6 hours battery life support
Earpiece size: 9x6x6mm / 0,5g
more information...

SE04 – Professional invisible wireless earpiece

Optimum anatomic design. Top grade coil and speaker with changable volume. Produce crystal clear voice.


Slim size, light weight, easy to conceal
Comfortable for both ears with an optimum anatomic design
Top grade coil and speaker, max audio output
With automatic gain control module
Powered by tiny #337/#416 button battery
5-6 hours battery life support
Earpiece size: 13x7.5x3mm / 0,5g
more information...


Model number SBL02
Color black
Build-in microphone YES
Bluetooth  version 1.2 / 2.0
Bluetooth Password 0000
Transmit range to earpiece < 10cm / to cellphone <10 meter
Manufacturer Spystudy covert communication
Frequency Range 2400-2480 MHz / Earphone 200Hz-5400Hz
Battery Life Talking time 3 hours / Standby 56 hours / Earphone 6 hours
Battery Type lithium rechargeable battery
Dimension / Weight Glasses rim: 136x32x5mm / Handle: 133x15x6mm / Total 35 gram
Package Size / Weight Bag 165x60x38 mm - 180gram
Warranty 2 Year

SBL02 - inductive bluetooth glasses

SBL02 bluetooth glasses is advantaged inductive transmitter for all invisible earpiece users. It can works with any bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

Each set of SBL02 bluetooth glasses includes:

1 x bluetooth glasses

1 x glass cloth

1 x USB Charge cable

1 x spy ear

 Bluetooth glasses        USB charge cable

  Quick start

1. Overview of bluetooth glasses

Please refer to up right sketch and find all positions of bluetooth switch, bluetooth inducator, recharge hole and microphone hole.

Press bluetooth switch you can operate the device. Its in middle of left frame. If pressed right position your finger will get light on and off feelings.

Bluetooth indicator is tiny for hide purpose. Its in left side of bluetooth switch.

2. Recharge battery for about 2 hours

A. Plug USB charge cable (the small end one) to recharge hole, then connect USB end to pc port.
B. Indicator turns red after successfully connected. If indicator does not turn on, please unplug and try again.
D. Full charge needs 2-3 hours. After full charged indicator turns from red to blue.

Note: Make sure bluetooth ball glasses is power off while recharge power. Its not function while recharge battery.

3. Pair with cellphone
A. Put bluetooth switch to pairing mode by press and hold bluetooth switch until indicator turn on and stay in blue. If bluetooth indicator flash, turn off bluetooth glasses then repeat 1st step.
B. Enable bluetooth function in cellphone  and search for new device. After found "T9" select it and press OK.
Enter password 0000 and press OK. After successfully paired, indicator will change from stay to flash in blue 2 times.

4. Test and use
Load battery into earpiece and wear to ear canal. Pair bluetooth ball-pen with cellphone then wear it.  On your cell phone dial the number you want to call. You will hear voice in earpiece after connected.

5. Turn off/on bluetooth glasses
For save battery power, please turn off bluetooth glasses if do not use for long time.

Turn off - Press and hold bluetooth switch until blue indicator flash twice
Turn on - Press and hold bluetooth switch, indicator will turn on. When bluetooth glasses connected to paired cellphone and ready for use, blue indicator will flashes shortly.

Inductive Bluetooth Glasses


Q. Why my bluetooth glasses stoped work?
A. Please check if mobile phone is in phone coversation. Please check if bluetooth glasses is paired with phone and in bluetooth device list.
Please check if bluetooth glasses is with power and has been turned on.

Q. Why bluetooth glasses disconnect with cell phone?
A. Check if bluetooth glasses was turn off.
Check if bluetooth function was turn off in cellphone.
Make sure bluetooth pen within 10 meters from cellphone.

Battery Information

Bluetooth glasses is powered by a rechargeable battery. The full performance a new battery is achieved only after two ot three complete charge and discharge cycles. The battery can be charge and discharge hundred of times, but it will eventually wear out.

Recharge battery use only original default USB recharge cable. Do not leave a full charged bluetooth glasses on recharge power source. Because overchanging may shorten battery life. If left unused, a full charged battery will lose its charge over time.

Make a voice dial call Tap bluetooth switch and speak name after the tone
End a call Tap bluetooth switch
Receive a call Tap bluetooth switch
Reject a call Press bluetooth switch twice
Redial last call Press and hold bluetooth switch until heard a beep
Transfer a call from the phone to bluetooth Tap the bluetooth switch for 2 seconds or use respective function in cellphone

Stay on red while plug into power adaptor Charging battery
Stay on blue while plug into power adaptor Charging completed
Off without adaptor Power use off
Stay in blue without adaptor In pairing mode
2 rapid flashes Pairing succesful
Slow pluse Connected


Bluetooth glasses with one year warranty since ship date.

Warranty excluding below condiotions:
1> Wrong operation cause device stop work
2> Device get in water
3> Open bluetooth glasses case without our approval
4> Pull bluetooth switsch controler with force
5> Passed two years since original ship date

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