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Problems with driver's test or college exam?

Who does not know the problems with the driving test or studies testing? You have not time to learn and have more important things to do! And suddenly, the date for the exam or test in a few days.If your exam is important to you and you do not know what you should do otherwise, then you are right with us! Do not despair, we have something for you that can help you!  

With our Profesional Camera - Spy ear Cheating System is it posible to cheat driving test or study examination without that someone noticed what. Profesional camera - spy ear cheating system can be used in various fields such as: 
  • Cheat a driving test
  • Cheating on the exam in the University
  • To pass state exams
  • Professional monitoring 
Short functional description:

1. Before testing, swapping one of your shirt buttons into an hidden button camera. 

2. Wireless spy ear

 place in the auditory canal and through a quick test call.

3. You go into the examination room and you try to keep quiet as if nothing had.

4. Keep your body straight so that the quality of the video is good. Camera transmitter sends live video to your partner. 

5. And your partner will look at a notebook all the questions and then give you the answers by the wireless spy earpiece.

6. If you have not understood something and want to contact your partner than you can use build in microphone.

- With profesional camera are equipped with the best spy cheating system, you can find on the market.
- By a rotation the button cam, you can adjust the focus to improve the sharpness. After an accomplished setting video live transmission is perfectly readable
- Built-in amplifier in the transmitter, allowed distance up to 1000 meters from the examination room.
- Mobile Powerful 12 volt battery provides up to 4 hours running time.
- Your partner can see the picture from the test paper on any kinds of monitor.
- Your partner can see clear image from your exam and can give you right answers through wireless spy earpiece.

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Hidden wireless video live transmission camera

Hidden wireless video live transmission camera

The live transmission video has been sent wirelessly from the hidden spy camera to the distance up to 1000 m. It is send to your colleague with the receiver and mini high power antenna. He can see the live transmission video from the exam paper on any kind of monitor or a notebook. Your partner can see the crystal clear live transmission video from your test and he can give you the right answers through a spy micro earpiece named.

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