Hidden wireless video live transmission camera

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With this spy camera hidden covertly in your shirt you can send video live transmission to your partner.  Video and sound is of exceptional quality with this unit and the transmitter and receiver are housed in durable metal cases - a useful tool for any student to cheat at the test or someone has not learned of his examination.

Advantages of new Hidden wireless video live transmission button camera

all in one pack Camera focus
By a rotation the button cam, you can adjust the focus to improve the sharpness. After an accomplished setting video live transmission is perfectly readable.
Camera dimensions: 28mm x 23mm x 10mm
new design neckloop Build-in 5000 mW powerfull transmitter
Built-in 5 watt amplifier sends the signal live image to the receiver
Transmission distance 1000-1300 meters in open space
Working on 1.2GHz to 1.3 GHz in different frequency channels
various wireless earpieces Perfectly hidden design - no one will notice what!
The smallest video camera in a form of a button. Worn on any shirt or jacket, this self-contained video live transmission can go undetected all the events that occur around the carrier. Good for body worn applications, no one will notice what. This key is a high quality 1/3 sony camera behind a functional button.
various wireless earpieces Powerfull 12V 4000 mAh Li-iom battery
Big capacity li-ion battery cores offers long working time
Control charge and discharge via MOS cube. Short circuit protection is available
2 batteries are supplied as standard. More batteries can be ordered!
”mute USB notebook adapter 
Real time MPEG 4/2/1 encoding
USB audio (pro version) support, one USB cable to your pc, especially for notebook without line in port.
Compatible with Microsoft WIndows XP / VISTA / WINDOWS 7

Ranges of application:
  • Cheating if you are student
  • Spy technique
  • Law enforcement
  • Covert video recording
  • Driving test pass
  • Hidden video supervision
  • Corporate espionage
  • For those who do not like to learn for the test
At a glance
  • Easily hidden spy camera with great wireless range
  • Video with Audio transmission
  • Runs in wireless mode or wired mode
  • High quality lens
  • 1/4” Sony 450TV Lines wide-angle button lens
  • More than 1000 meters range (in open space)
  • Powerfull 12V battery
  • USB notebook adapter

Download Manual Download user's manual of hidden wireless live camera - SHK0125

SHK-0125  Wireless live camera system include: 

1 x Hidden mini button color camera
1 x 5 Watt 1,2 GHz wireless transmitter
1 x Antenna for the transmitter
1 x Back clip for the transmitter
1 x 1,2 GHz wireless receiver
1 x Antenna for the receiver
1 x Power supply for wired mode
1 x RCA AV cable
4 x Normal shirt buttons
2 x Powerfull 12V rechargeable battery for transmitter and receiver

The facts &Procedure


In the classroom you are equipped with the best technology money can buy on the market:

- button camera with adjustable lens ( you are supposed to prepare a shirt especially for that occasion)

- powerful transmitter sends a live video up to 1000 m from the exam room, this transmitter is powered by rechargeable powerfull 12 V Li-ion battery.

The live transmission video has been sent wirelessly from the hidden spy camera to the distance up to 1000 m. It is send to your colleague with the receiver and mini high power antenna. He can see the live transmission video from the exam paper on any kind of monitor or a notebook. Your partner can see the crystal clear live transmission video from your test and he can give you the right answers through a spy micro earpiece named.


- you are required to prepare a shirt for the button cam; some buttons that look alike the button camera will be supplied with the set 

- you need to find the best view angle of the camera prior to the exam

- you need to practice lifting up of the paper so the button camera sees it in the best way


- your colleague, who sees your test in a real time, must navigate you how much up to lift the paper so in order to he/she can to have a clear picture 

- your colleague is supposed to take some snapshots of your test and move to the much safer and peaceful location from which he/she will have the ability to tell you the right answers through micro-earpiece...

- take the snapshots in first couple of minutes of the test, and after that listen to the answers from your partner, and do not use the whole set more than is necessary. You are exposing yourself to the risk to be caught.


Model number SHK-0125
Voltage DC 12V
Consumption current 520 mA
Frequency range  1.2 GHz to 1.3 GHz
Channel 4 Channels
Output Power 5000 mW (5watt)
Transmit range 1000 to 1300 in open space ( 400-700m in simple building area) 
Modulation Video 1 Vp-p (FM) / Audio 1Vp-p (FM)
Angle of view 80°
Battery typ 12V, 2A, 4000mah lithium rechargeable battery
Battery operating 4-5 hours
Dimension / Weight 83 x 58 x 21 mm
Warranty 1 Year

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