SHK-02 hands-free covert communication system with build-in amplifier

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SHK-02 covert communication
Inductive loop with build-in 3 watt amplifier. Available in black/skin colours and 4 kinds of jacks. Is in affordable covert communication solution for all wireless covert earpiece users. New developed amplified neckloop transmitter brings you the affordable covert communication. 3 watt amplifier brings powerful inductive audio signals to all kinds of invisible earpieces. You can control the output sound level. 

Advantages of new SHK02 transmitter and wireless micro earpiece

all in one pack Easy cheat - included all you need is included.
Includes everything you need to cheat a test can start.
One set includes micro earpiece, amplified neck loop, charger socket and USB cable,  
a battery for the micro ear and user manuel in English
new design neckloop 3 Watt powerfull output with adjustable volume.
WIth the build-in amplifier, the sound quality is significantly and higher transmission distance.
Compact cable neckloop is connectable to all available wireless spy earpieces
Build-in high sensitive 38dB microphone for clear communication
various wireless earpieces Different phone plugs are available 
Delivered provided various types of plugs
3.5 mm 4 pins (Iphone) , 2.5 mm 4 pins, Nokia flat jack, Sony Ericsson
various wireless earpieces High capacity 230 mAh battery
Allows about 4 hours of communication
Rechargeable lithium battery
Each package includes USB charger.
”mute Anti detector optimized power switch
Simply press the hidden round answer button to receive incoming calls
The power and recharge indicator is in right side panel

How to start?

1) You need a wireless covert earpiece. Put a battery inside micro earpiece and then the earpiece into ear canal.

2) Connect the phone neckloop with a mobile or mp3 player like a normal headset. After turn on power in inductive neckloop you can play audio files or make a phone conversation with your partner.

Download Manual Download user's manual of SHK-02 covert communication system

SHK-02  covert communication package includes: 

1 x amplified neckloop (skin or black color)
1 x Inductive loop
1 x Charger for neckloop transmitter
1 x USB adapter cable

1 x Covert micro earpiece SE02 (you can also choose other models)
2 x Batteries for micro earpiece (you can also order more)
1 x Small brush and holl out tool for the battery
1 x User manual in English


SE01 – Mini black earpiece

Completely invisible in ear canal. Economic price. Applicable to all of inductive transmitters.

Completly invisible when in ear canal
Wireless receiver drove by all inductive transmitters
Most economical invisible earpiece
Powered by tiny #337/#416 button battery
5-6 hours battery life support
Earpiece size: 13x7x6mm                                                    
more information...                                                                              

SE02 – Invisible Micro ear black or skin

Most populer invisible earpiece. Cleare audio output with 2 colors ends. Applicable to all of inductive transmitters.


Skin and black colors option
Completly invisible when in ear canal
Wireless receiver drove by all inductive transmitters
Clear voice output with high quality mini speaker
Most populer covert earpiece
Powered by tiny #337/#416 button battery                             
5-6 hours battery life support
Earpiece size: 13x8mm / 0,5g
more information...

SE03 – Spy Nano earpiece - black or skin

The smallest hidden earphone in the world - 9x6x6mm. Pair with all induction transmitters.


Smallest size with loud sound and clear voice
Skin and black colors, completely invisible deeply into ear canal
Semi-circle tail enhanced covert function
Sensitive wireless receiver with clearer voice
Powered by tiny #337/#416 button battery
5-6 hours battery life support
Earpiece size: 9x6x6mm / 0,5g
more information...

SE04 – Professional invisible wireless earpiece

Optimum anatomic design. Top grade coil and speaker with changable volume. Produce crystal clear voice.


Slim size, light weight, easy to conceal
Comfortable for both ears with an optimum anatomic design
Top grade coil and speaker, max audio output
With automatic gain control module
Powered by tiny #337/#416 button battery
5-6 hours battery life support
Earpiece size: 13x7.5x3mm / 0,5g
more information...


Model number SHK-02
Color skin or black
Build-in microphone YES
Amplifier 3 Watt - d class
Consumption current Depends on volume
Transmit range to earpiece < 30cm / to cellphone - by wire
Manufacturer Spystudy covert communication
Product dimension / weight Loop length 930 mm / Handsfree langth 750 mm
Battery Life Listen time 3-4 hours
Battery Type 230mah lithium rechargeable battery
Package Size  157 x 117 x 112 mm
Warranty 2 Years

SHK-02 - 3.5 watt amplified handsfree transmitter

Compare with similar transmitter, the key features of SHK-01 is build in 3 watt audio amplifier. Icludes answer button and volume control. 2 colors are available

Package includes:

1x SHK-02 Amplified Handsfree Neckloop (black or skin color)
1 x USB recharger cable
1 x USB AC charger

Power Adapter Recharge cable

Quick Start

1. Connect to mobile phone

Plug the jack into mobile phone audio port
Switch on the neckloop once connected.

Default plug is 3,5mm 4 pins. 2,5mm 4 pins, sony earicsson nad Nokia flat jacks are also available.

1) 3,5mm 4 pins jack fit to PC / laptop / ipod / mp3 / mp4 / players and most of the smart phones with IOS, Android, Bada systems
Also works with some Nokia mobile phones.
2) 2,5mm 4 pins jck fit to most of Nokia mobile phones.
3) Nokia flat jack is for Nokia phone only.
4) Sony ericsson flat jack is for Sony ericsson phone only.

** Even the jack is the same, the audio and microphone connections might be different.
If the jack does not work on your mobile phone, please contact us as you may require a different connection.

2. Wear the neckloop

You can wear the neckloop on neck as shown in the image

Can also put neckloop in coat pocket or put on legs when you are site down to drive sensitive earpieces including SE01/SE02S/SE02B/SE03B/SE03S/SE04

3. Power and volume control

Once connected to mobile phone, move the power switch to the "ON" position. The indicator will change to a blue color once power on.

In order to test the earpiece try playing some music on your mobile phone or mp3 player, you should now hear audio within your spy earpiece (to use your earpiece see the earpiece manual). If you hear interference / noise its likely the volume is too high, adjust the volume using the volume control.

When not using the neckloop for long periods of time, switch off the neckloop to save battery power.

4. Start a covert conversation

Now make a phone call, you can talk with your partner via the microphone build into the neckloop.

To answer a call simplytap the answer button.

**If earpiece detection equipment is in use, switch the unit off to prevent detection.

4. Battery and recharge

The neckloop has build-in 230 mah lithium rechargeable battery. The full performance of a new battery is achieved only after two or three complete charge and discharge cycles. The battery can be charge and discharge hundred of times, but its will eventually wear out.

When recharge use only the supplied original default USB recharge cable and default wall charger. Do not leave a full charged device on recharge power source. Overcharging may shorten battery life. If left unused, a full charged battery will loss its charge over time.

We supply US/EU/UK standart plugs for the wall charger. Please choose correct plug while placing the order.


Q. Why microphone not working, or can not hear audio in the earpiece?
A. Firstly check your earpiece, do you hear a hissing noise when the battery is inserted. If so its likely the neckloop has a problem.
If the jack fits your phone but you can not hear any audio, or the microphone failes to work you may need a different jack.
Please contact us in this situation

Q. Why answer button no works?
A. If the jack fits your phone but your can not hear any audio, or the microphone failes to work you may need a different jack.
Please contact us in this situation

Q. How to recharge battery?
A. Please red  "Battery and Recharge" step #5 for detailed instructions. Once connected to power charger successfully, the indicator will change to red. You should find the indicator on the right side of the neckloop.

Q. Why do i heard interference in invisible earpiece?
A. If spy earpiece has no quality problem, the volume is likely too loud. Use the volume control on the neckloop to adjust the volume to get clear sounds

Q. How to avoid spy earpiece detector with this neckloop?
A. Turn off the power switch to avoid earpiece detection equipment.

Warranty and return policy

Default warranty is 24 month since ship date.
We do not accept return if product has not quality problem.

If product is withhin warranty and get broken, you can return back and get free repair. Return shipping cost is on buyer's behalf. We will pay the shipping cost for send repaired product.
If product is passed warranty, you need to pay return shipping cost, repair fee and shipping cost for send repaired product.

Warranty will be invalid in below conditions:
1) Passed 24 months since ship date.
2) Open case or and change circuits without our formal authorization.
3) Other kinds of problems caused by wrong operations.

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