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Spy earpiece  is a solution for some problems with the test

Have you one day thought that even of the most difficult check can be transmitted easily and the nerves lost? Have you one day thought that your answer in the check can be excellent without reading all nights on books and by heart to the information spent? They are able to get rid, all these unnecessary preparations with the help of our concealed invisible ear stoppers.
Simply order one of our sets which will really disappear the spying-ear stopper with Bluetooth and your headaches exist!
3 steps for the check with our spy Earplug put away.
Step 1. Lay the accumulator in the spying-ear stoppers. If it concerns "Nano" - ear stopper use accumulator type 337. If it concerns "spy" earpiece use Batterie V337.
Step 2. Put the phone after Bluetooth devices look. See yourselves the operating instructions of your phone.
Step 3. If your phone the Headset found, confirm the coupling of your mobile phone. If you are requested after the Bluetooth passport code of the Headsets, give 0000.
If the mating was successful, try which couple Bluetooth-ear stopper with invisible and mobile phone once more. They must couple only the Headset (Bluetooth-ear stopper with spy) once with the phone. If the mating was successful, starts to flash the blue LED. Now the Headset is in the Standby mode and is ready for use.
More our spy Earplug turns out order
Our spy micro ear is absolutely a security for your health. It produces no radiation.
It is absolutely invisible in the ear
If it in your ear is not to be heard it from the outside. Pay attention to it, the volume of your phone, so that you can hear, it loudly and clearly.
It is very easy to change the battery in the spying-ear stopper. Simply take a little bit sharply and put it in a small hole of the other side of the battery
It is very easy, they from from the ear. You throw at the use the invisible ear stoppers from the ear with the help of the string output carefully. Take also the accumulator outside the invisible ear stopper to prevent it before unloading.