Q. Why is not the neckloop working with my phone?
A. Please make sure the bluetooth is switched on in your mobile phone and that the neckloop is in pairing mode. Also mobile phone need tobe withhin 10 meters from Bluetooth neckloop in open space. Try powering on/off the phone and neckloop and try again

Q. Why do the answer SOS and mute buttons are no function?
A. Both of SOS and mute functions only work whilst phone conversation is in progress. If you are playing music or mobile phone not in phone conversation, there 2 functions are not applicable.

Q. How to recharge battery?
A. Please red  "Power, Battery and Recharge" step #4 for detailed instructions. When you have successfully connected the neckloop to a power source the indicator will change to red.

Q. Why do i heard interference in invisible earpiece?
A. If earpiece has no quality problem, the volume is likely too loud. Reduce the volume on the volume controler.