SE02 - wireless invisible micro earphone

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SE02 - Wireless Micro earphone

SE02 micro earphone is the most popular spy invisible skin in ear. SE02 is build-in sensitive receiver coil, and by high quality materials.
Micro in ear is build with an optimum anatomic design. Allows inexperience users easilly wear it. No one will notice user is wearing spy earphone. Micro earphone well know by its skin color and bean shape. You can draw its transparent handle and take it out from ear canal easily. The main part of earpiece is skin color. You can choose from skin color end and black color end.

Key features:

  • Completetly invisible when wear in ear canal
  • Skin and black colors option
  • Wireless receiver drove  by all inductive transmitters
  • Clear voice output with high quality mini speaker
  • Most popular invisible earpiece
  • Powered by tiny #337/#416 button battery
  • 5-6 hours battery life support
  • Easy operation (user manual available)
  • With 12 months quality warranty and lifetime tec-support
How does it work?
Micro earpiece can be used with all kinds of inductive transmitters.

When you connect the transmitter to your mobilephone or Mp3 Player, the transmitter creat a magnet field around the amplifier and the invisible signal drives the earpiece working.

Earpiece circuit system:

Download Manual Download user's manual of SE02 Micro Earphone

Important: Wireless micro ear always need a inductive transmitter to be able to work!!!

Package includes:

1 x SE02 Micro earphone
1 x Maxell #337 Battery - Made in Japan 
1 x Plastic box 


Model number SE02
Color Skin or black
Frequency 200-5400 MHz
Staturated output 115 dB (OSPL90dB)
Distortion rate < 2%
S/N ratio at 2KHz > 5 KHz
Peak value 40 dB
Sensitivity limit < 85 dB
Working current 0,65 mA
Battery Type Button battery #337/#416
Battery Life 5-6 hours (Original sony battery)
Warranty 1 Year


Packing size 52x41x14mm / 0.8 gram
Earpiece size / weight 13 x 8  / 0.5 gram
Operating temp Maintain -10 - 60C / Operating 0 - 40C
Humidity 5% - 80%

SE02 - invisible black or skin earphone

Invisible earpiece receive voice signals from inductive transmitters wirelessly. All kinds of inductive transmitters could drive micro ear SE02.

Each pc of mini ear packinclude black plastic box. The box with label marked earpiece color. Each earpiece with 1 pc free button battery which is hide in black sponge.

Step1> Load battery into earpiece

Open plastic box and push black sponge by hand you will find position of battery. Cut sponge then take out battery. 
Open battery case by lift protuberant part. Make sure cathode  face to handle and anode opposite to handle. Then close battery case.

Note: 1> After loaded battery, earpiece starts work. 2> Do not load battery in wrong direction.
If load battery wrongly in mini earpiece it might cause circuit damage.

Step2> Wear earpiece

1> Clean ear canal by cotton swab.
2> Load earpiece into ear canal horizontally for maximize signal reception. Handle is better in down position for easy take out.
3> Put earpiece into canal deeply until its invisible.

Please take out earpiece and unload battery if stop use it.

Invisible earpiece is high-tech ealectrical device. Please operate and maintain carefully.

* Please chek wax filter in front end termly. If wax is full, you can use cleaner to pickup the wax. Cleaner does not included. You should buy it separately.

Q. Why earpiece no signal?
A. Please check if battery loaded correctly.

Q. Why i can hear little static noise?
A. Its normal to get little static nise. It means earpiece is in working status.

Q. Why i can hear loud static noise?
A. Please get far away from magnet frequency field.

Q. Why heard loud "zzz" noise?
A. Its alarm battery going to use off. Please change new battery.

Q. Why volume is small=
A. Please chek if wax filter is full.

Q. Why battery life is very short?
A. Please use brand new high quality battery.
If no use earpiece for few moments please take out battery for save the power.

The end......

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