Walkie-Talkie wireless micro earpiece KFU001

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Product Description

2013 Version of walkie-talkie micro earpiece transmitter 

Different frequencies

455,055 ~ 455.180MHz
462,055 ~ 462.180MHz
466,035 ~ 466.160MHz

New amplifier with more transmission power  

This model is a professional Wireless micro Earpiece is best suited for students to cheat a test or pass driving test. The micro earbud fits into your ear and can receive audio instruction from your partner up to 3000 meters away from you. Just place the wallet receiver into your pocket to receive a 1-way wireless transmission from your partner on their walkie-talkie.


The thing that really saves the situation is a wireless spy earpiece virtually imperceptible to most people. Suppose, you should give a difficult presentation about new products, launched by your company, and because of limited preparation time you get into certain troubles memorizing a lot of information. To overcome this awkward situation you can use an aid – micro spy earpiece. You simply need to Put the wallet in the pocket,your colleague who will help you with the presentation by the walkie-talkie and you hear the answer clear but else find nothing. The result is evident – ultimately, everyone wonders about your success and knowledge while you are fully satisfied with your handful device.

Walkie-Talkie spy radio transmisson micro earpiece:
1 x Lether wallet
1 x Radio transmitter with amplifier
1 x Battery case
1 x Wireless micro earpiece
1 x Battery SR416SW

Walkie-talkie can be ordered separately!



Color Brown
Brand Spystudy
Amplifier 3 Watt
Battery 5 x AA Battery
Worktime 2 -3 Hours
Product Size 120 x 100 x 20mm /122 grams


Amplified Covert Wallet KFU-001

Amplified Covert Wallet is an untique hearing accessory in UHF walkie-talkie secret communication system. KFU inductive wallet provides one way communication. After received audio signals from walkie-talkie, the signals will be boosted by build-in amplifier and transmit to micro earpiece wirelessly by magnetic force creates by inductive coil.

Each wallet has two fixed frequency points. You can change to another frequency point if the same frequency point has been used within walkie-talkie boradcasting area.

Package Includes:
It includes one pc KFU amplified covert wallet. (Please buy 5 pcs AAA battery in local store.)

Step 1> Load batteries and turn on the transmitter

1) Unzip the wallet and you can see the transmitter, battery bin and the coil. Load 5 pcs AAA dry cells. Then turn on the transmitter.

If you want to change to another frequency point, please adjust the switch.

2) Put the small earpiece into ear canal carefully. It should be worn deeply in the ear canal. Please refer to the right photo.

Step 2> Paire with UHF walkie-talkie

Load the battery, install the antenna and turn on the walkie-talkie. Set the same frequency point with wallet.

Step 3> Test

Press PTT and talk; on the other side you will hear voice from the earpiece

Q: How to increase the transmit range between walkie-talkie and the wallet?

A: If you use 2w UHF walkie-talkie, the range is about 50-100m (depends on surrounding environment). Please use 3W or 5W walkie-talkie to increase the transmit range.

Q: Why can not walkie-talkie pair with wallet transmitter?

A: Make the walkie-talkie is on the same frequency point with wallet. You can turn to another frequency point and adjust the frequency of walkie-talkie and test again.

Q: Will KFU be blocked by phone jammer?

A: No, cellphone jammers only blocks 2G 3G signals. KFU001 works on UHF low frequency band. So it won't work on KFU001

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2) Open case or and change circuit without our formal authorization.
3) Other kinds of problems caused by wrong operations.

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